Expressions of Interest Invited

KYC Trust has registered the Business Name: Community Innovations Alliance with the vision of forming an alliance of local, grass roots organisations to strengthen their capacity and increase their potential in securing funding through partnership in the alliance.  The alliance will provide high level marketing support, create business based planning to increase capacity to receive sponsorship, donations and fundraising as well as applications for suitable grants and tenders.

How will it work?

Alliance partners are entities that collaborate to jointly deliver quality services and programming to the communities that they serve.  Each of the alliance partners delivers their own independent programing as well as any Alliance secured programming delivered under the alliance agreed principles and operating rules.  Alliance secured funding must be delivered with consistency across the alliance and with agreed operation as per the funding agreement and associated accountabilities.  All alliance members are to sign the alliance agreement as well as separate agreements for each funded project secured that they are co-delivering.


‘To provide quality, accountable and innovative service delivery across the alliance demographic with support and development for new and emerging partners in the best interests of our partner communities’

What do partners contribute?

Partners will contribute to the agreed goals of the alliance and contribute areas of expertise across the continuum of business development and contribute to the workloads required from application to evaluation and acquittal.

What do they get in return?

Partners will be invited to deliver secured programming in their target group demographic areas which may include specified areas under funding application.  This will see the alliance provided stronger application support, increased networks and supports, the ability to staff and resource share to assist with economising, professional development and increased client / community access.

What are their key competences?

The following are key competency areas that must be met to become a partner in the Alliance:

  • Quality service provision
  • Ethical and professional practices underpinned by social and natural justice principles
  • Current and appropriate policy and procedures
  • Financial viability and accounting practices that meet the Charter Standards
  • Innovation and community capacity building focus
  • Partnership capacity and work practices to support growth, development and support to the Alliance

      Who are the alliance’s clients?

  • State and Federal Government agencies
  • Philanthropic entities
  • Business sector
  • Corporate sector
  • Donations and fundraising opportunities

How are leads shared between partners?

The lead service or agency will work in partnership equally with all alliance members.  The need for a lead agency is evident through the structure of funding from government and other sources to meet contract requirements for management of funding and dissemination of funds received.  The lead agency will be responsible for the contract with the funding or sponsor provider and for the management of the finances, reporting and general governance of the project / program.  The Alliance Partners will be responsible to provide the relevant reporting, invoicing and any other data that is required to meet the funding / income source agreement within the timeframes and in the format to meet all obligations.

Who bears the risks?

The lead service / agency will be responsible to the funding body as the contract managers and signatories.  The lead service / agency will need to ensure that insurance policies are set up to reflect their lead role and the responsibilities of the contract signatories and managers.  All alliance members will be responsible for the delivery of their own component of any secured funding and for providing all required reports and documentation to the lead service / agency within the specified timeframes and to meet the funding body requirements.  All alliance members will be responsible to increase their own insurances for the purpose of any alliance projects.  The alliance members will operate their own services according to their own policy and procedure with additional mutually agreed components for the delivery of alliance acquired funding.  Should a service not be able to carry out the requirements of their contract obligations, it is deemed that the most appropriate alliance member service will complete the project.  A strategy for services and agencies that are ceasing operations or have any form of change that sees them unable to continue as alliance members will be supported by the alliance to complete any existing projects and responsibilities.

How are alliance members compatible?

All services of the alliance are compatible due to their social and natural justice principles across non-profit and likeminded legal entities.  All services under the alliance are proven in community focus through accountable, ethical and quality service provision.  Services under the alliance may differ through their specific target groups e.g. youth focus, adult focus, family work focus and or geographical delivery areas.

How is funded divided?

Funding will be applied for with agreement on structure of delivery for each alliance member service.  This will include participant numbers, staffing, administrative and other operational costs.  Each alliance member service will be paid as per the funding agreement schedules with Profit and Loss and invoices provided to the lead service / agency.  Reporting requirements will be followed for all alliance members as per the funding agreement schedule.  The lead service / agency will not benefit from the role but will manage the project and accountabilities.  Audit and reporting costs that are required from external sources will be included in the administration budget and held by the lead service / agency.  The financial processes for all alliance members will be open, accountable and ethical and signed as such as part of the alliance member agreement.

What does it all mean?

KYC is inviting interested services to provide an expression of interest if the alliance is something that suits where your organisation is heading and if partnering is a focus for your future.   We welcome any questions and comments on the alliance and will hold an information session should organisations see this as valuable.   Please call Kim on 5495 4030 or 0401 964 730 for further information or send an Expression of Interest that reflects your service and how it fits in with the alliance information and concept.  Expressions of Interest can be emailed to and titled Confidential.

What happens next?

Once the Expressions of Interest are received, those interested organisations will be contacted individually to talk through the alliance further.  The process will then see a meeting with the interested parties to endorse the agreement and develop a unified strategic plan.